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What's more important

Added: Jun 07, 2013
Category: Choosing your vacation home

When deciding on your Orlando vacation rental villa there are a number of things you are going to need to consider. As a family who have been visiting Florida for the past 15 years and stayed at various places during that time, I would have to say that the one thing that is going to be the driving force behind your search over anything else is going to be....


The most important thing here is to set yourself one and stick to it!  There are thousands of vacation rental villas in the Orlando area and they all vary widely in terms of their amenities and price so there is literally something for everyone and a lower budget doesn't necessarily mean a lower end house - you may find yourself a gem! Shop around, some will offer discounts at different times of the year or incentives for booking so its worth taking the time.

Location, location, location

I think location is almost as important as budget.  As I said previously, there is a huge number of vacation villas out there, so generally you're going to find something within your budget and in the location that you want. However, you need to make sure that you do your research or if you are booking via a villa rental company make sure you ask about the locale. So if you're planning on visiting the theme parks in Orlando, make sure that when they say the vacation villa you're interested in is only a short distance away, that it really is!!  What you don't want to do is book a house that has all the amenities that you could wish for or is under budget and then spend a large part of your day in the car travelling - that's not a great way to spend your vacay! 


Different horses for different courses; every house is different in terms of the way that it's decorated, in the way that it's managed and what amenities are offered.  The vast majority of Orlando vacation villas will have a pool, wi-fi, standard cable and should be decorated to a good standard. In addition to that there are some that will offer spas or hot tubs, games rooms, BBQs and safes all to make your stay that much more pleasurable and these houses are of course extremely popular but it's what you intend to do with your time and what you want out of your vacation villa that matters. If it's literally a place to lay your head then does it really matter if there's a games room or not? If you are planning on staying for just a long weekend does there need to be a spa or a huge TV?

All these things should be given consideration when you're looking for that perfect Florida vacation villa. A good rental company will be able to provide you with a range of properties tailoring to all budgets and needs to make  you feel you've found yourself a great vacation rental villa.

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