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A Magical Moment

Added: Jun 07, 2013
Category: Attractions - Disney

My youngest son is now 2 and just a few short months ago when we visited Disney he was scared of anything in a costume - wasn't interested in the Mouse, didn't want to hug Tigger, nothing! Going to kids shows such as Playhouse Disney or Philarmagic would not have been part of our day.

Jump forward to last weekend when on a visit to Magic Kingdom we asked the youngest if he'd like to see Philarmagic as he'd get to see Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse....yes came the reply. So in we go, grab our glasses and we wait for the doors to open.  On hearing Minnie's voice, our youngest begins to try and listen intently to what's being said, recognising the voice instantly and telling me "Mummy, Minnie"

So after being ushered into our seats (please move to the end of the row....) we sit and up go the curtains. Whilst I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of seeing Philarmagic, it is a 3D show featuring some of what I think, are the greatest songs from Disney films and there he sits, on my knee, glasses on, doing his very best to grab every single character that appears to be within reach.

It was truly a great moment and one that brought a tear to my eye (although I'll be honest, I cry almost every time I see Illuminations at Epcot!) No fear of the characters or the noise or loud music just my child enjoying the spectacle before him and that's what Disney is great at - taking a moment and turning into something memorable and magical . Its why people continue to return. Its because Disney has managed to create something that becomes so personal, so fun, so magic that it draws you back time and time again and remains with you and your family forever.

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