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How to beat the crowds.

Added: Jun 10, 2013
Category: Attractions - General

There are a number of general tips you can follow to help to avoid the long lines and make the most of your day at the parks. For some hidden, insider secrets to making the most of your park visits, book a villa with us and we can give you an edge others don't have ! For everyone else, here are some tips to getting the most out of your visit to the theme parks:

  • Plan what rides you want to do before you get there.
  • Arrive around 30 minutes before the gates open.
  • Go straight to the ride you most want to do and get a fast pass for it if the line is already too long for you.
  • Head to the back of the park and start there and work back towards the entrance.
  • If it is a special occassion such as your birthday, visit guest services as they can sometimes give you a free fast pass or a pin to wear that gets you special treatment.
  • Take water with you (leave it in the freezer overnight so it melts while you are there and stays colder, longer). If you don't, expect to pay extortionate rates for a bottle !
  • Take regular breaks, remember you can always leave and go back in later in the day on the same ticket and parking pass.
  • The parks are busiest between 11:00 and 15:00 and start to thin out a little between 17:00 and 18:00 as the younger guests tire and go home.
  • Weekends are always busier than weekdays as the locals go then. If you must go, Animal Kingdom on a Sunday is your best bet.
  • Don't forget Busch Gardens, many do so it is often quieter than the other parks (epecially mid week)
  • Buy rain ponchos from supermarkets like Walmart or expect to pay way over the odds if you get caught out in a park
  • If you don't mind splitting up from your group, use the single-rider line to dramatically reduce wait times.
  • Lunch early and ride while everyone else eats their lunches.
  • Enjoy it - remember you may only ever do this once so take it all in and take a camera so you can relive the experience later.

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