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Falcons Fury Coming Soon

Added: May 03, 2014
Category: Attractions - General


We at Florida Palms Vacation Villas love a good thrill ride and we are blessed with several in the Disney and Universal theme parks but often overlooked is Busch Gardens only an hour's drive down the I4 in Tampa. They already have some amazing rollercoasters and water flumes that will test the bravest of souls and they are about to open a new drop ride that brings us out in a sweat just thinking about it!

Falcon's Fury will take riders up nearly 300 feet in the air, tilt you 90 degrees so you are face down and then drop you at 60mph !!!! Sounds awesome doesn't it? It should be opening at the end of May 2014 and we cannot wait.

Other rides we love at Busch Gardens are:

Montu and Kumba are two rollercoasters with plenty of twists, turns and loops all at break-neck speeds.

Gwazi is a massive wooden rollercoaster that takes you back to the days before steel coasters and has lots of big drops that leave your stomach behind.

Cheetah Hunt is the the other most recent addition to the impressive list of rides and is a coaster that stretches over 4000 feet long and with good reason. It has to allow for extra stopping room as you are launched at speeds you will not experience anywhere else so as to mimic the acceleration of a cheetah in the wild.

There are also tamer rollercoasters that introduce kids to the world of white-knuckle rides. The Sand Serpent is a small affair with lots of mini-drops that will get their pulses racing and the Scorpion even has a full loop to send them both upside down and hysterical with joy !!

Last but definitely not least is our current favourite at this park, Shreikra which takes you 200 feet up in the air then hangs you over a 90 degree drop for a second or two (which feels more like an hour or two !!) and then lets you go. You then shoot back up into a loop before being thrown left and right and several more traditional drops. The adrenaline is still pumping long after you come off the ride.......we love it!

Oh and it's also a wildlife park full of fantastic animals........ :-)

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