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Kennedy Space Center

Added: Jun 28, 2014
Category: Attractions - General

Kennedy Space Center Image

Kennedy Space Center is an amazing place to visit that you simply must visit if you come to Orlando. It is easy to forget about it as it is over on the East coast and there are so many distractions in Orlando but we strongly urge you to put one day aside to go visit this incredible piece of American history...............and it is still making history !!

One of the newest "attractions" is the space shuttle Atlantis exhibition that will make your jaw drop and give you goose-bumps as it is revealed to you in all its glory with great (and warranted) fanfare. We stood there just trying to comprehend that this enormous craft had been up into space and back several times, endured unimaginable temperature extremes and protected the brave astronauts who piloted her.

Be sure to check out our Atlantis Youtube video in HD at the bottom of this blog !!

Space Shuttle Atlantis Image Space Shuttle Atlantis Image

There is more than just Atlantis to see here, you can see satellites and telescopes, touch genuine moon rock, and learn all about the space program going back to before JFK famously promised to land man on the moon in the 60's.

Satellite Image

Be sure to go on the bus tour (included in the entrance fee) to see the launch pads that sent man into space and to go out to see the largest manned rocket to date to make it into space (although the Saturn rocket on display is one that didn't actually launch, but if it had, it wouldn't be on display as they were designed so that only the capsule could be salvaged once the mission was over !)

Saturn rocket Image Launch Pad Image

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